Manufacturing and Production

Fulcrum sustains an organic fabrication capability specializing in rapid prototyping, low-rate initial production (LRIP), and fleet fielding of Fulcrum products. Having all aspects of the business in-house, from R&D and testing to manufacturing and production, means the Fulcrum team can efficiently define requirements and then design, analyze, fabricate, assemble, test, qualify, substantiate, and certify a solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Converting data into hardware with fabrication, assembly, and engineering infrastructure all in house, Fulcrum is able to enhance efficiency and control critical path items tied to production. Fulcrum also leverages a team of approved vendors to augment its fabrication capability for those tasks requiring special capabilities or large volume. Fulcrum’s in-house machining capability includes programming tools that are compatible with our engineering tools, enabling us to perform model-based machining. Most of our work involves the machining of various aluminum alloys for aircraft related parts. Our programs are maintained in our configuration management system as part of the data package for each of the components we design and manufacture.

At Fulcrum, we have assembly, sheet metal, inspection, and electrical cabling capabilities, using multiple fixture tables, tooling, and measurement devices to support our technicians as they assemble products to specification. Inspection is a critical, essential role in product development. A fast-paced responsive production team, delivering to the latest customer requirements, needs inspection equipment that is equally responsive. Fulcrum Concepts has implemented the use of a FARO Edge portable coordinate measuring machine for our solution to dimensional metrology, giving our team and our customer base the assurance that products are delivered to specification. Likewise , Fulcrum maintains the design tools and fabrication tools required to fabricate aircraft wiring harnesses. Our technicians have many years of experience building aircraft harnesses to spec.