Brothers in Arms

The Fulcrum Story

Founded in 2008, Fulcrum Concepts, LLC began as an idea from three “brothers in arms,” who thought they could share what they had learned from their combined years in Army Special Operations Aviation. Scott Richman, Stan Wood, and Mike Zinanni believed their operational experience could inform training for military and law enforcement personnel. Their focus and business plan originated with a services-based agenda; however, it did not take long for others to seek out Fulcrum’s expertise. White papers were written, and products were conceived. It soon became apparent that Fulcrum was really good at problem solving; they not only conceived ideas but also brought those ideas to fruition.

Fulcrum ultimately endeavors to solve complex problems with elegant solutions, making things better for those who deploy in the service of our great nation as well as for allied defenses and commercial customers. When Fulcrum makes an aircraft or a weapon system lighter and at the same time stronger, they are giving the men and women serving our country on the front lines the ability to carry more fuel, to carry more ammunition so that our nation’s warriors can stay in the fight long enough to get the job done and come home safely.

Fulcrum’s customers know the value the company brings to the table – because Fulcrum actually solves problems with advanced engineering and superior integration, repeatedly providing a mission advantage to customers.