Fulcrum leverages our unique mix of technical experience, engineering infrastructure, and thorough understanding of customer requirements to produce high-quality manuals and technical animations in-house.


Fulcrum produces high-quality support materials to augment your mission-critical equipment. Documentation capabilities include development of operator and maintenance manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), Modification Work Orders (MWOs), quick-reference guides (QRGs), Procedures and Checklists (P&Gs) for major OEMs, the US government and Fulcrum’s own products. Additionally, the documents incorporate CAD-based graphics and illustrations that can be produced in full color or vector line art.


Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we develop animations for complex technical tasks, training, and marketing. Animations can be a very effective method of communicating large amounts of information in a short period of time. As an added bonus, animations visually demonstrating complex technical tasks also transcend language barriers with customers for whom English is not their first language.