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Fulcrum Innovates with Configurable Lightweight Armament Wing (CLAW) for the Armed Black Hawk

April 24, 2020 Updated: June 20, 2023

Multi-station Armed Black Hawk Capability Reimagined with Fulcrum Concepts’ CLAW.

Fulcrum Concepts, LLC, a leading provider of responsive and comprehensive weapons system integration capabilities, announced that it will provide their innovative multi-station CLAW for Armed Black Hawk helicopters. The CLAW represents Fulcrum Concepts ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive solutions for a variety of weaponized air, land, or sea platforms.

For the first time, Armed Black Hawk customers are not forced to choose between a single station or dual station wing. This operational flexibility is provided to CLAW customers in a single product offering that will support a diverse mixture of weaponry to include M230, 2.75” rockets, Hellfire, GP-19, HMP-400 as well as a mixture of smaller systems. Weapons may be direct mounted to wings or secured with a variety of available ejector racks depending on customer requirements.

At nearly 400 pounds lighter than comparable systems, the CLAW is designed to allow users to rapidly reconfigure from a “slick” assault platform to an Armed 2-or-4 station configuration within minutes. The lightweight aluminum design allows infinite repairability at any level without any requirement for special tooling or technicians. The CLAW truly represents a powerful solution for the Armed Black Hawk in terms of rapid integration and increased reliability.

About Fulcrum Concepts, LLC

Fulcrum Concepts, LLC leverages extensive combat experience and advanced engineering capabilities to provide a mission advantage to our customers.

Our strength grows from direct experience solving mission-critical problems in no-fail Special Operations combat environments. We combine that experience with world-class engineering capabilities to develop weaponization solutions that are elegant, lightweight, and uniquely suited to provide an enduring mission advantage to our customers.

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