Our Facility

Fulcrum’s state-of-the-art facility is located at the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport in Mattaponi, VA. The facility is located on the eastern end of the taxiway and is comprised of 8,800 square feet of office space including; administration, break room, conference room, state-of-the-art dividable classroom, management and personnel offices, engineering section, general structural, machine, and avionics shops. Additionally, a 6,400 square foot (80 x 80) hangar with mezzanine, a 60’ x 20’ High-Fold hangar door, and ATF approved vault. The facility also has a fire suppression system, security system, and auxiliary power system. The facility has 2 aircraft parking ramps, and the site is approved for expansion.

Fulcrum maintains a Type 10 Federal Firearms License which authorizes the manufacture, purchasing, and storage of weapons systems and destructive devices to include large automatic weapons such as the M230 30mm, GAU-19, M-134, and M260/M261 Rocket Pods. These weapons can be stored on-site in our ATF approved vault.

Below are our image galleries where you can View the Inside and Outside of Fulcrum Concepts Facilities.


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