Bell 429 CLAW

The B429 Configurable Lightweight Armament Wing (CLAW) now allows you to carry external stores on your Bell 429. This 2-to-6 station wing is designed to support a variety of payloads including sensors and any munition based on 14" bomb racks.
Bell 429 CLAW
Every Bird Needs CLAWs

Key Features & Benefits

  • Attaches to the airframe using Fulcrum designed hardpoints STC SRØ1Ø68DE
  • Can be installed and removed in minutes with no impact to troop or cargo compartments
  • Rapidly reconfigurable system adapts to nearly any mission profile
  • Features lightweight aluminum construction
  • Field maintainable and repairable
  • Easy to inspect, maintain, and sustain
  • Supports two ALKAN-2037 ejector racks per side, four per shipset
  • Damage tolerant design with an inspection interval of 300 flight hours