Black Hawk CLAW

Nearly 400 lbs Lighter than Competing Systems
Rapidly re-configure your Black Hawk with Fulcrum’s Configurable Lightweight Armament Wing (CLAW). A 2-to-6 station weapons wing, this classic airframe design is easily repairable and is hundreds of pounds lighter than other systems. Supports a variety of munitions, including the M230, GAU-19, Hellfire, M261, GP-19, and DAP-6.
Black Hawk CLAW
Flying a mission that matters? Your bird needs CLAWs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to inspect, maintain, and sustain
  • Mount up to four antennae
  • Easily convert from four-station to two-station configuration to adapt to nearly any mission profile
  • Removes in minutes with no impact to troop or cargo compartments
  • Attaches to the airframe using standard ESSS attachments