Enhanced Combat Package (P/N: 210160KT-001)

Black Hawk Weaponization

Fulcrum’s weaponization package for the UH-60 expands the platform’s combat mission profile like no other modification. This comprehensive package removes the long integration and qualification timelines associated with an à la carte approach. Maximize the mission profile of your utility fleet and efficiently adapt the configuration as the mission demands.

Fulcrum also offers a variety of accessories to support weaponized aircraft operations. Solutions include enhancements that increase weapons reliability, tool kits designed by maintainers for maintainers, and carts and storage solutions that keep the flight line safe and effective. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your birds flying – and fighting – at their best.
Black Hawk Weaponization
Sharpen Your CLAWs

Key Features & Benefits

  • A 2- to 6-station weapons wing capable of supporting a variety of munitions
  • Self-contained gun pods featuring the GAU-19/B .50 cal Gatling gun
  • Lightweight rocket launchers optimized for rotary-wing applications
  • Low-recoil firepower at 3,000 rounds per minute
  • Easily installed solution for managing multiple weapons systems
  • Enhanced safety, shock absorption, and security for door gunners
  • Ammunition and storage capability built into this seat interface minimize the impact on cargo and passenger space
  • Simple, robust aiming solution for fixed-forward firing
  • Integrated laser illumination enhances low-light lethality
  • Multispectral targeting system optimized for your mission profile
  • Wide variety of accessories to support weaponized aircraft operations