DASH-8 CLT Door Kit

Fulcrum's DASH-8 CLT Door Kit enables DASH-8 aircraft to covertly deploy Air Launched Effects (ALEs) via Common Launch Tube (CLT). The low-visibility design effectively hides the system from outside view, and Fulcrum's air lock allows multiple-shot operation up to 25,000 feet.
DASH-8 CLT Door Kit
Totally Concealed, Totally Lethal

Key Features & Benefits

  • DASH-8 CLT door assembly replaces the DASH-8 OEM aft galley door
  • Two door-mounted airlock assemblies allow for CLT deployment up to 25,000 feet
  • Cockpit indicator panels and door airlock patch panel integrate into the Battle Management System (BMS) for crew and cockpit communication
  • Door plugs match the door's OML profile and paint scheme, ensuring low visibility when on the ground
  • Rotating latch arms quickly and securely mount CLTs during flight and firing
  • Electro-mechanical airlock gate securely closes between launches, allowing safe and efficient operation under pressurized conditions
  • Storage rack securely holds up to six additional CLTs