DC Dual Effects Launcher (DDEL)

Fulcrum’s DC Dual Effects Launcher (DDEL) expands the capabilities of lightweight manned and UAS platforms. Compatibility with the Marvin Test Systems HSRL means users can deploy Hellfire munitions on legacy platforms without the need for AC power or additional electronics. When the mission demands a change of payloads, the DDEL’s modular design allows for rapid and efficient reconfiguration. Broaden your range of options with the Fulcrum DDEL.
DC Dual Effects Launcher (DDEL)
More Power for Your Platform

Key Features & Benefits

  • Common store interfaces with FARA MEL stores
  • Standard 14" ERU interface
  • Lightweight aerospace aluminum structure
  • Two-station, mission configurable, lightweight munitions launcher
  • Adds modular Hellfire capability to a broader range of platforms