F-22 Ladder and Chocks

Fulcrum’s F-22 Ladder and Chocks offer a compact and secure solution for operating in remote and non-standard locations. With a simple, self-explanatory design, the ladder is easy to assemble and deploy directly from the cockpit. The robust chocks are built for rugged use and quick removal when it’s time to depart.
F-22 Ladder and Chocks
Mission-Ready Solutions

Key Features & Benefits

  • No modification to aircraft required
  • Utilizes legacy ladder attachment points
  • No tools required
  • All captive hardware
  • Labeled parts ensure correct assembly
  • Ladder stows in cockpit map cases and personal item space
  • Chocks have a high-visibility color
  • Integrated kickbars allows for easy removal
  • Chocks store in missile bay bird cage


  • Ladder Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Extended Height: 6.5 ft
  • Chocks Weight: 8.2 lbs each