GAU-19/A to /B Conversion

With many decades of sustained combat use, the GAU-19/A is a proven battlefield solution. Fulcrum's GAU-19/A to /B conversion takes this weapon to the next level with a combination of upgrades that optimize its lethality and reliability. Save weight, improve performance, and increase longevity with this comprehensive upgrade.
GAU-19/A to /B Conversion
Lethal for the long run

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightens weapon system by 32 lbs.
  • Reduces rotating mass
  • Improves ease of maintenance
  • Tightened tolerances minimize risk of malfunction
  • reduce friction, allowing smoother engagement/disengagement
  • Allows for one-handed closure
  • Eases powered feeder delinker installation and removal
  • Relocated timing pin allows use in GP-19 and GP-19 ECP gun pods
  • Improved ergonomics make installation easier. No "third hand" necessary!