GAU-19/B Cradle

Lightweight, boresightable, and designed for the worst-case scenario, the GAU‑19/B Gun Cradle provides a jettisonable option that is easy to integrate on aircraft equipped with NATO-standard 14″ bomb racks.
GAU-19/B Cradle
It Would Be a Shame To Jettison... But You Can If You Have To

Key Features & Benefits

  • 18 lbs total system weight
  • 25% lighter than the competition
  • Jettisonable
  • Connection from aircraft to cradle via lanyard release cable
  • Picatinny rail per MIL-STD-1913 for laser sight
  • Nobles jettisonable flex chute frame designed to separate under 75 - 125 lbs of force
  • Boresight ±2° elevation & azimuth
  • Nobles jettisonable link included