GAU-19 Latch Kit

The Fulcrum Concepts GAU-19 Latch Kit provides armament personnel a quick mount/dismount capability for the GAU-19 to Gun Cradle, and the powered feeder de-linker to gun. The kit eliminates all non-captive hardware and simplifies the gun to cradle and feeder to gun installation by utilizing “slam-closed” design latches.
GAU-19 Latch Kit
Introducing Your New Helping Hand...

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy one-handed operation with slam-closed design
  • All hardware remains captive


  • Kit consists of: 4 titanium latches, 2 stainless steel P-lock quick release pins with captive lanyard, and all the associated pins and hardware
  • Sold separately: Latch Kit Press Pin Tools (Required for correct installation of the Latch Kit)