GCP/AIU/Equipment Pallet

Fulcrum's Gun Control Panel (GCP) is an advanced processor controlled system designed to interface with the Armament Interface Unit (AIU) and the Gun Control Battery Unit (GCBU). The unit can also interface with a mixed configuration of GP-19, GP-19 ECP, GAU-19, DAP-6, M134, as well as an intervalometer supporting an M260 or M261 rocket launcher.
GCP/AIU/Equipment Pallet
Manage Your Weapons

Key Features & Benefits

  • 4 station Vivisun safe/arm switching and indicators
  • NVIS B green and yellow compatible Vivsun segments IAW MIL-STD-3009
  • 1 Vivisun jettison switch and indicator (guarded)
  • Master arm (guarded)
  • Weight on gear (WOG) Vivisun indicator that shows override (OVRD), ground (GND), and air (AIR)
  • NVIS A green panel lighting iaw mil-dtl-7788
  • Two independent 28VDC inputs
  • 4 last round override switches for GP-19 and DAP-6 (guarded)
  • 4 weapon station interconnects (STA1, STA2, STA3, STA4), each capable of firing the GP-19 and DAP-6 gun pods and fixed forward guns GAU-19 & M134 (DC motors only)
  • STA 1 and STA 4 can be cabled to fire rockets
  • Capable of firing M260 rocket pod using the 7 shot intervalometer or both the M260 7 shot and M26 119 shot rocket pods using the 19 shot intervalometer
  • Provides mounting provisions for 2X GCBUs
  • Modular honeycomb panel provides provisions for desired additional LRUs


  • GCP Weight: 2.5
  • AIU Weight: 2.5
  • Equipment Pallet Weight: 17.9