GP-19 Extended Capacity Pod

The GP-19 Extended Capacity Pod (ECP) is the expanded version of Fulcrum's self-contained .50 cal GAU-19 gun pod.

Designed for increased firepower, reliability, and ease-of-use, it holds 44% more rounds than Fulcrum's legacy GP-19 Gun Pod.
GP-19 Extended Capacity Pod
Extend Your Firepower

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tactically optimized
  • Larger magazine supports 44% more ammunition
  • Last round override switch (optional)
  • Integrated bore-sight adjustment
  • Jettisonable
  • Entire system easily interfaces with host aircraft
  • Built-in gun control battery unit
  • 14" lugs for mounting
  • Sustains high rates of fire
  • Simple ammunition feed system
  • Integrated ammunition booster motor
  • Readily accessible parts
  • Fewer maintenance cycles
  • Quick release pins for swift component removal


  • Empty Weight: 220 lbs (with gun)
  • Gross Weight: 462 lbs (fully loaded)
  • Capacity: 861 rounds
  • Battery Life: 6400-7000 rounds before recharge