Pod Storage Rack

Providing a compact and easily accessible storage solution, the Fulcrum Pod Storage Rack can hold up to four gun pods or multi-function pods. The rack can also be provisioned with the GCBU charging kit, providing powered or unpowered options while storing GP-19 or GP-19 ECP gun pods. Outfitted with sway braces, the rack provides optimum security during pod storage.
Pod Storage Rack
Protect Your Assets

Key Features & Benefits

  • Storage of pods in either direction
  • Sway braces to secure pods
  • Stowable tow bar
  • Towable using standard equipment
  • Provisions for GCBU charging kit


  • Cart Weight: 210 lbs
  • Max Pods: 4
  • Dimensions: 100"L x 40"W x 60"H