Optimized for Operational Use


Fulcrum specializes in developing state-of-the-art weaponization solutions to solve customers’ mission challenges. Whether the mission requires rapid reconfiguration, discrete deployment, performance enhancement, or a modular solution, we can meet the most demanding requirements. 

Fulcrum provides these state-of-the-art weaponization solutions for customers by adapting to changing mission requirements with lighter, more reliable systems and by developing optimized modular solutions that rapidly transition between mission sets. Every weaponization solution is uniquely suited to provide an enduring mission advantage to our customers. 

Black Hawk Weaponization Enhanced Combat Package

Need to outfit your birds for the fight? Fulcrum’s weaponization package for the UH-60 expands the platform’s combat mission profile like no other modification.

This comprehensive package removes the long integration and qualification timelines associated with an à la carte approach. Maximize the mission profile of your utility fleet and efficiently adapt the configuration as the mission demands.


Maximize versatility without compromising capabilities. From light attack and assault to CSAR and passenger transport, Fulcrum can maximize versatility with modular, rapidly reconfigurable solutions, such as the Bell 407 multi-mission aircraft.

Configurable Lightweight Armament Wings

Fulcrum’s CLAW product line consists of multi-station weapons wings utilizing a classic airframe design that is repairable, hundreds of pounds lighter than other systems, and capable of supporting a wide variety of munitions. The Black Hawk CLAW and Bell 429 CLAW round out the current line-up.

Modular Effects Launchers

Fulcrum’s line of modular effects launchers provides a modern, flexible weaponization system for the future of Army Aviation. The MELs feature a modular open systems approach to allow integration on various platforms for legacy and future munitions.

Air Launched Effects Storage System (ALESS)

Fulcrum’s Air Launched Effects Storage System products can expand the capabilities of already-versatile aircraft. For example with the C-12 ALESS, four ALEs can be deployed from a discrete, low-profile system, making use of the space and expanding the C-12 capabilities.