Concept to Flight Test

Fulcrum provides comprehensive test capabilities for all phases of testing. Our approach encompasses all testing disciplines; we can support your project from initial engineering development through lab, ground, and final flight testing. Whether you need end-to-end flight test management or technical support to augment a specific phase of your project, we can help.

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Flight Test Capabilities

Fulcrum conducts flight test activities on both fixed- and rotary-wing platforms. Our test pilots are US Naval Test Pilot School graduates with relevant military and commercial experience. Our flight test engineers coordinate data collection and processing as appropriate to meet the specific needs of each project.

  • Certification support for aircraft modifications
  • First-article testing
  • Weapons testing including live-fire testing

Ground Test Capabilities

At Fulcrum we develop and execute the full range of ground tests required to support your overall test plan. Whether testing to establish or meet safety of flight criteria, correlate predictive models with actual data, or product data for certification, we know how to work with the airworthiness authority to ensure testing satisfies certification requirements.

Static Load Testing

Whether testing components on the airframe or mounted in our 50,000lb capacity load reaction frame, Fulcrum’s engineering team can conduct static load testing that evaluates the exact parameters your project needs.

Frequency Response Modal Analysis/Resonance Assessment Profile (FRMA/RAP) Testing

Fulcrum conducts FRMA/RAP testing using the Dewesoft data acquisition system with modal plugin for frequency response function.

MIL-STD Lab Testing

Fulcrum’s lab capabilities allow our team to conduct environmental, dynamic, and electrical testing to ensure your product meets applicable sections of MIL-STDs -810, -461, and -704.

Ground Fire Testing

Fulcrum test engineers are experienced at conducting safe, effective, and efficient ground fire testing, both with fixture- and aircraft-mounted systems.

Data Acquisition

Fulcrum’s test engineers use Dewesoft’s Pro X “slice-based” data acquisition software. This flexible system can be set up to gather data in both ground-based and in-flight testing scenarios. Our data collection includes the use of the full range of test sensors (strain gages, accelerometers, etc.), as well as the Photron Nova high-speed camera, capable of capturing footage at up to 2,000,000 FPS.

Test Documentation

From developing comprehensive test plans to documenting results in a clear, complete, and compliant manner, the Fulcrum team has experience compiling test reports to meet the needs of customers, regulatory bodies, and certifying agencies.

Range Support

Armed aircraft operations are a Fulcrum core competency. Our team includes a full complement of gunship pilots, armament personnel, and engineers with weapons experience. We are extremely comfortable operating Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPs), running range operations, and maintaining various weapons systems day or night. We have experience performing these tasks in operational, training, and test environments.