Teaching Through Experience

Fulcrum provides both technical and tactical training for our customers. We have a broad range of operational experience within the organization. We are made up, almost exclusively, of retired Army Special Operations personnel from a variety of disciplines; flight leads, ground force commanders, ground operators, intel analysts, sensor operators, crew chiefs, armament personnel, and communications specialists providing solutions derived from more than two hundred years of combined experience planning, preparing for, and executing high risk, no fail missions for the USG.

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Tactical ISR

Our Tactical ISR training focuses on aircrew members who provide Full Motion Video (FMV) support from either a manned or unmanned airborne platform to maneuver elements engaged in tactical operations. The goal of the training is to provide aircrew members with an experience that will help them more thoroughly understand how they can assist maneuver forces in all phases of an operation. Each course is tailored to the needs of the customer based on their operational requirements and their experience level. We regularly run training for entry level organizations, who are primarily interested in establishing the fundamentals, as well as seasoned organizations that are more interested in challenging their most experienced personnel.


Our armament training courses generally focus on weapons systems associated with armed aircraft operations: Gatling guns, chain guns, missiles, and rockets. We also run courses on FARP operations, and general range operations. Whether you are looking for a maintenance qualification on a specific weapon, or a comprehensive training program tailored for your specific organizational requirements we can help. We have several experienced armament technicians on staff. We also produce support equipment, special tooling, and weapons management products.

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Intel Analyst

Fulcrum Concepts Intelligence Training Programs focus on supporting tactical decision-making and operational planning. We provide an experience-based learning environment where potential analysts and leaders can collect, analyze and deliver data that facilitates information-based decisions and plans. Our programs were developed in partnership with Special Operations, Counter-Terrorist, and Tactical Law Enforcement elements. Those clients sought to enhance their planning capabilities by adding trained dedicated analytic support or assigning team members intelligence duties. Fulcrum Concepts helped them build that capability with tailored instruction and operational consultation.

Fulcrum Product Specific Training

Fulcrum provides customer training for all of the products we produce.

Great instruction really provided the level of interest needed to maintain attention of even the shortest span. They really hammered home the academics and turned words into tangible lessons.
Tactical ISR Client