MH/CH-47 Weight Reduction Project

Fulcrum Concepts developed a package of components that improve the performance, safety, and reliability of the MH/CH-47F&G Block II while reducing component weight by 38% below OEM (101 lbs).

This series of components feature identical form-fit-function to OEM, while also incorporating design features that resolve known issues affecting aircraft durability, safety, and time-dependent weight gain.

The MH/CH-47 weight reduction kit demonstrates Fulcrum’s expertise in producing upgrades that enhance aircraft performance and safety while minimizing the need to retrain aircraft crew and maintainers.
MH/CH-47 Weight Reduction Project
38% Lighter than Legacy

Key Features & Benefits

  • Drop-in replacement for LH or RH Aft Gunners Windows Assembly featuring a robust design and latching mechanisms
  • Aft Transmission Doors can be installed by one person and feature a sealed system which eliminates time-dependent weight gain
  • Aft Transmission Drip Pan promotes better oil drainage than OEM and an improved sound attenuation which mitigates vibration fatigue
  • Drop-in replacement Door Plug Assembly retains OEM latching mechanisms and function, reducing the need for re-training
  • Forward Drip Pan Assembly eliminates vibration-induced airframe structural wear and increases companionway head clearance
  • Drop-in replacement LH Gun Window Insert retains OEM latching mechanisms and function, reducing the need for re-training
  • Jettison Door Assembly fittings maintain full functionality while taking up less inboard space than OEM and includes provisions for adding ballistic panels
  • Corrugated sheet metal design of the Ramp Extensions matches OEM strength while reducing weight


  • Aft Gunners Windows Assembly: 50% lighter than legacy component
  • Aft Transmission Doors: 26% lighter than legacy component
  • Aft Transmission Drip Pan: 16% lighter than legacy component
  • Door Plug Assembly: 56% lighter than legacy component
  • Forward Drip Pan Assembly: 71% lighter than legacy component
  • LH Gun Window Insert: 33% lighter than legacy component
  • Jettison Door Assembly: 43% lighter than legacy component
  • Ramp Extensions: 36% lighter than legacy component