GAU-19/B Cradle

Lightweight, boresightable, and designed for the worst-case scenario, the GAU‑19/B Gun Cradle provides a jettisonable option that is easy to integrate on aircraft equipped with NATO-standard 14″ bomb racks.

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B429 Hardpoints STC SRØ1Ø68DE

The Fulcrum B429 hardpoints provide a lightweight, high strength, low drag, multipurpose, external hardpoint mounting provisions option for the Bell 429 helicopter. The hardpoints increase the Bell 429 aircraft capability by providing mounts for carriage of side-mounted external payloads.

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MD530 EO-IR sensor mount

Fulcrum’s EO-IR sensor mount for the MD530 series increases ground clearance versus competitors’ designs, while decreasing weight by more than two pounds compared to other mounts.

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M240 Gun Mount and Pintle Arm Kit

Fulcrum’s M240 Gun Mount is a lightweight, crew-served weapons mount and pintle arm compatible with the M240, M249, and .338 MMG.

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The ultralight Mini-Bomb Rack Unit (Mini-BRU) weighs less than 2 lbs. and safely secures single-lug weapons systems up to 50 lbs.
The mini-BRU easily integrates into the Hellfire rail system, adding single-lug munitions to the range of options you can deploy without the time and expense of modifying the aircraft.

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