Fulcrum’s C-12 Air Launched Effects Storage System (ALESS) expands the capabilities of this already-versatile aircraft platform. Deploy up to four ALEs from this discrete, low-profile system. Make use of the space, and expand your C-12 capabilities.

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Dash-8 CLT Door Kit

Fulcrum’s DASH-8 CLT Door Kit enables DASH-8 aircraft to covertly deploy Air Launched Effects (ALEs) via Common Launch Tube (CLT). The low-visibility design effectively hides the system from outside view, and Fulcrum’s air lock allows multiple-shot operation up to 25,000 feet.

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Modular Effects Launcher (MEL)

Fulcrum’s Modular Effects Launcher (MEL) features a modular open-systems approach that can carry a variety of store combinations. It integrates fully with both the Bell 360 Invictus and MH-60 platforms. The MEL can be jettisoned.

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CLT-4 Launcher

The CLT-4 is a lightweight launcher designed to be carried on both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. The launcher is compatible with all common launch tube (CLT) payloads.

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GLB-4 Griffin Launcher

The GLB-4 is a lightweight airborne launcher designed to be carried on both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

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