ALKAN BRU Multi Tool

Uncomplicate your tool box. Fulcrum’s ALKAN BRU Multi Tool does the work of three: its 8mm hex end acts as the Hook Lifting Control Key; its 6mm hex end interfaces with the ALKAN Manual Lock and Release; and it also has an integrated safing pin. Plus, it comes with a Remove Before Flight ribbon to reduce the likelihood of costly accidents. Install your munitions faster with Fulcrum’s multi tool.

Tool Config A - Alkan 1216 and ERU Series
Tool Config B - Alkan 2037 and ERU Series
ALKAN BRU Multi Tool
Handy and Multi-Functional Tool

Key Features & Benefits

  • Knurled aluminum body for a more secure grip
  • Ball end hex keys insert at a 25° angle
  • Aluminum body and threads withstand 1,000 in-lbs
  • Hex bolt allows use of torque wrench to apply precise amount of torque
  • Red anodized finish