Black Hawk Wing Cart

The Black Hawk Wing Cart provides a stable and easily maneuverable platform for all CLAW, Unitech LASS, and Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky ESSS wings. Accomodate any Black Hawk Wings UH/MH-60.

Eliminate Hangar Rash!
  • Provides easy, secure logistics and storage of wings
  • Adaptable to CLAW, ESSS, ESWS, LASS systems
  • Useful weapon system maintenance platform
Black Hawk Wing Cart
Protect Your Investment

Key Features & Benefits

  • Allows for easy maintenance and storage of the wings and wing stores
  • Heavy base and low CG enhance the stability and reduce risk of tipover
  • Convenient single-cart design
  • Sturdy steel square tube construction
  • Hoist Mount
  • Large 8" casters
  • Tie-downs for securing equipment on stores
  • Large bin to hold wing hardware Integrated handles on uprights
  • Tow bar connection for ramp use
  • Removable handle for easier maneuvering of loaded cart