B429 Hardpoints STC SRØ1Ø68DE

Fulcrum's B429 Hardpoints add the ability to mount wings and other external stores on the Bell 429 where none existed before.

Rock Solid Mountings
Lightweight, high strength, low drag, multi-purpose, external hardpoint mounting provisions option is now available for the Bell 429 helicopter. The hardpoints increase the Bell 429 aircraft capability by providing mounts for carriage of side-mounted external payloads.
B429 Hardpoints STC SRØ1Ø68DE
Increase Aircraft Capability

Key Features & Benefits

  • PMA Project #PQ10051NE
  • Multi-use supports both forward or aft mount
  • Common hardpoint lug pitch
  • No infringement on aircraft door function
  • Forward B429 hardpoint locations can structurally support up to 350 lbs of external stores per side
  • Aft B429 hardpoint installation is 950 lbs of external stores per side