B407 Multi-Mission Aircraft

Need rapid configuration? The B407 multi-mission aircraft is able to change configurations in minutes! Delivering comprehensive integration of your configuration needs, Fulcrum’s integration solutions utilize fluid mission configuration via modular architecture. This custom solution offers transition from light attack, assault, cargo, armed reconnaissance, and CSAR to passenger transport. Maximum versatility with no need to compromise or lose a capability.
B407 Multi-Mission Aircraft
Fielded Solution. FAA Certified.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Standard G1000 System - Glass Cockpit
  • EO/IR Mount
  • EO/IR Sensor
  • Cockpit Armor
  • Digital ICS
  • Upgraded 200A Generator
  • Landing Gear Upgrade
  • 12" Touch Screen Monitor
  • Fulcrum Folding Tablet Mount
  • Mission Computer
  • Airborne Mission Networking
  • Tactical Multi-Band Radios with Amplifiers (3 LOS, 1 SAT)
  • Mission GPS with Splitter
  • Fulcrum Weapons Pallet
  • Dillon Aero Gun Sights
  • Dillon Aero MCAS (AH, MH, Cargo, Litter)
  • Fulcrum Weapon Control Panel
  • Fulcrum Armament Interface Unit (AIU)